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Do You Need the Best Funeral Home in Kenya?

Service was excellent and we are happy indeed. God Bless Umash Funeral Home


You probably do not know that Umash Kenya Funeral Home is the best-kept secret in Kenya. Its only at Umash Funeral Home where you are allowed to go beyond the reception

Imagine your had a Kenyan funeral home that cared deeply about the care and state of your dearly departed. They would be in the hands of a family that insisted on a clean environment and only used the latest technology in the last rites of your family.

Imagine a Kenya funeral services home that guided you through the hurt wrenching process involved when our family members departed. You no longer have to organize night meetings to take care of the details such as:

  • Providing the best post mortem facilities in Africa,
  • Providing the best cold facilities in Africa,
  • Looking for the best caskets for your family,
  • The only hearse services in Kenya that guarantees that you will comfortably get to the final resting place rain or shine
  • With Umash Funeral Home you are assured of the BEST funeral services in Kenya.



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    • Lilian Ochieng

      Keep up the wonderful job.

      Please advertise more to the nation. Just knew about you yesterday.

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